Chicpea & Lentille

The Chicpea and Lentille Brand was created for a family of naturally nutritious gluten-free products that are made out of chicpeas and lentils. C2C Food Group wanted to create a brand that would be unique amongst the thousands of other gluten-free products available on the market.

We saw the creation of Chicpea & Lentille as an opportunity to add some fun to the rather conservative health food market. Using a couple of cute characters makes the product more approachable, and market research has proven that consumers have responded to the brand enthusiastically.

Chicpea & Lentille products are currently available at select stores in Canada and online. Currently the brand only has 6 SKUs, but their are plans to launch 15 more SKUS over the next 2 years.

Product Naming, Branding, Illustration, Packaging, Photography, Advertising, Promotional Materials, Web

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